Dr. Paul Jewell currently teaches the following courses at the University of Utah:


GEO 1110 - Introduction to Earth Systems

(3 semester hours)

Overview of Earth materials, structure, history and processes from a systems perspective. Methods of geological observation and measurement, and their applications to problems in science and engineering. Must also register for GEO 1115.  Learn More


GEO 3400 - Computational and Field Methods in Applied Geology

(2 semester hours)

Computer and field methods for solving applied geoscience problems. Develops the computer and field skills required to solve problems in landscape evolution, geologic hazards, land use and natural resources. Meets computer programming requirement for Geology, Geological Engineering, and Environmental Earth Science majors.   Learn More


GEO 5360 - Fluid Dynamics of Earth Materials

(3 semester hours)

Derivation of the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid motion and momentum transport. Application to fundamental problems of Earth science and engineering design. Two lectures, one lab weekly. Meets with GEO 6360, 7360.  Learn More


GEO 5565/6560 - Digital Mapping and GIS in the Geosciences

(2 semester hours)

Meets with GEO 6565. Introduction of coordinate systems and projections, digital elevation data and mapping. Analysis of geologic and hydrologic systems and data within a GIS context. Additional work will be required of students registered for 6565.  Learn More


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